Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Bar Exam Miracle

So let's see, where to start...I guess I'll go with chronological but the good stuff is at the end.

I got here yesterday and settled in, walked from the hotel to the coffee shop to the conference center then decided to go see Step Brothers. It was funny, but I had a mild panic attack in the middle trying to remember UCC provisions. I have a stock pile of healthy food but decided to forego it for a veggie burger, fries, and a Vanilla shake from the amazing Nation's Giant Burger . I had mild anxiety all night, but managed to skim some outlines and get enough sleep.

This morning I got ready, bumped some Eminem 'Til I Collapse and headed to Starbucks where I read trashy mags, got caffeinated and headed to the conference center. Dude, it is a total cattle herd – hundreds of people trying to get into the exam room, nerves palpable.

I was very excited to have an aisle seat… until I recognized the person who came to sit next to me. At the end of the first session he said he really liked his answers and thought the exam was cake. Then, at the end of the second session he told me all about what the best process was for organizing a performance test. But, I have to say he was very encouraging when my computer almost died! Duh duh duh...

Yes, I went to launch exam soft and it wouldn’t work. And it wouldn’t work. And I was FREAKING out internally, but trying to remain calm externally. And the guy sitting next to me was very reassuring and told me to try again. So, I just pressed the power button, turned it off, waited … and… I swear that everyone’s prayers, lit candles and good vibes powered my computer. When I pushed the power button again, Examsoft was up and ready to go.


At 11:52 AM , Anonymous Bev said...

Yay! You're almost done, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed (and candles lit) for you!


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