Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Time has Come Today - Time!

My way of memorizing things is to write them by hand, sometimes repeatedly. If you walked into my office, you would think I was mad based on the strewn papers with random elements scribbled all over them. Today I was using an old legal pad I found in a drawer to memorize PR - ABA: no sex with client unless pre-existing r/ship. CA: sex okay if reasonable - don't rape!

I flipped the first page and found a list of law schools and their application deadlines. I flipped another page and found mock ups of the save the date cards we did for our wedding. That feels like an eternity ago and I can't wait until I feel the same way about this exam.


At 1:38 PM , Anonymous heather said...

lol - "don't rape!" :) fortunately no ethics on my bar exam. btw have enjoyed reading your blog through this process.. good luck i'm sure you will do great!!

At 2:53 PM , Anonymous Bev said...

Oregon's not nearly as fun. No sex with clients unless you had a "pre-existing consensual sexual relationship." No raping allowed, either.

Don't forget, a partnership is a association of two or more persons to carry on a business as co-owners for profit. Just thought I'd share that.


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