Saturday, August 02, 2008

Slowly, slowly, coming back to life

The bar was a much more physical experience than I anticipated and took a toll on my body. During the test, I was downing Advil and Tums like candy. Not much food sounded good and what did was unhealthy. I had to eat, so I lived off of double lattes, Nation's Giant Veggie Burgers, Fries, Milkshakes and pizza for three days. Add the massive anxiety and fact that I was typing or filling in scantrons furiously for 18 hours...

I just want to feel normal again. But, letting go mentally and reclaiming my body is going to be a process. I couldn't sleep much Thursday night even though I was exhausted. By mid day Friday I was a wreck. Luckily the massage I'd scheduled helped. But, while my shoulders are finally where they belong instead of hugging my ears, I still feel all sorts of off. I am sort of headachy and cranky and really tired. But, at the bottom of all of that, the main thing I feel is relief.


At 8:32 AM , Anonymous Bev said...

Yeah, I totally feel the same way. It really does just sap you, completely.


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