Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Cheer from the Fam

We just returned from visiting my parents for Christmas. All in all, it was a good trip. Christmas was great, everyone behaved themselves for the most part, there was an abundance of food and presents.

We got rear ended, but no one was hurt and the car was okay to drive home. I need to get in touch with the body shop and our insurance and all that, but first, I had to share two gems. I've always been leery of typed holiday newsletters, but think my mom got two this year that may take the gold and silver.

#1: From a great Aunt in Oklahoma

"Just wanted to update you about that has been happening with us. We are OK now and even put up our Christmas Tree today. Trying to get in the spirit.

We are drained, for now. We had to install new central heat and air, buy 4 new tires and have both septic tanks drained within four weeks.

On December 3rd, I had X (my great uncle, grandpa's brother) take me to the hospital, because I had trouble breathing. I just worked myself into an anxiety attack. Nerves pills and an inhaler are the anser for now. I will see Dr after the first of January. Several of the immediate family have not had employment for awhile and I guess I was more concerned and worried that I realized.

We are exhausted, since not having electricity for 5 days and being closed up together, I wish I could have a smoke, ha ha. None since August with God's help!!

Y (their son) had knee surgery Thursday and I have talked to him twice.

Z (my grandpa's other brother) has another aorta aneurism, that is growing long instead of bulbous.

X got wrapped up in a dog leash while taking the neighbors dog home, three days ago, and took a header. he fell to the ground and hit his left eyebrow and caught himself with his fists. He has a left black eye and both fists swelled immediately. We took him the next day to have the fire dept cut off his wedding ring. It was really imbedded anyway because of his weight, but this made it really bad. They had to cut it on the top and bottom, it was so tight.

Well, I have housework to do and cards to finish. I guess I need a new vacuum, this one doesn't like my floor anymore.

Just wanted to brighten your day, Love...

#2 is technically not a newsletter, but a crossword puzzle. It comes from a second cousin of mine. There are about 60 -ish clues. Among my favorites are:
Wife's mom had this surgery in September.
Cause of Daughter's surgerires
Daugher's grafted body part
Other Daughter's total number o concussions
Number of weeks Wife lived in a hip brace and on bed rest
Most number of medical appointments in four days for us
Where Daughter got her new body part
Where Wife's dad was buried in June
Cause of Wife's multiple surgeries
Number of Wife's trips to see the hip surgeon
Number of weeks Daugher missed school due to her surgery
One of Daughter's two surgeon-allowed activities
Friend who flew with Wife for her 6 week post op check
Something Daugher will never do again due to permanent knee injury

I mean, who can't feel the joy??

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Done. And.

So, after a couple 14+ hour days of handwriting a 44 page single space outline in my Cal Civ Pro rule book, I finished finals last Thursday. Then I ran away to visit a friend in Portland. It was great and very Pacific Northwest. By that, I mean we went to a juicing party on Saturday. By that, I mean a party where you bring over a variety of fruit and juice it. Seriously. On Sunday it was snowing softly, the first snow of the season, as we shopped downtown. Oddly, the insomnia set in on the trip. I was mostly okay throughout finals but in Portland, and still, I am waking up at odd hours. Instead of freaking out about it, I've been reading. I finished A Thousand Splendid Suns. Like the Kite Runner, an amazing, amazing book. Not easy, but, well, amazing. I've been scurrying around to prepare for a few holiday parties and wrapping presents and the like. I am not a super holiday person but for reasons unknown have been really craving this Christmas.

And, for reasons I'm unwilling to blog in detail, I am really, really sick of flakey people making excuses

Monday, December 03, 2007


Passed the MPRE.

We R in Ur Computer, Killing Ur Billable Minutz

I spent many wasted professional responsibility classes cracking up at the Lolcats.

My morning was off to a good start with the introduction of Lawlcats.