Thursday, November 29, 2007

A sign of why lawyers/ law students are not normal

From my notes:

Slayer rule/ Son of Sam: Can’t profit from life ins if you kill insured. Can’t make 2nd killing on writing book about ppl you murdered. But, can write book, $ to V

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Progress Report

Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving. We went to visit the husband's family and had a great time and lots of great food. I am still giving myself a pat on the back for not bringing home any leftovers of my favorites: my father in law's yams fried in butter or mother in law's pumpkin cheesecake.

On Friday we went shopping for our Christmas present from the in laws. I really wanted to post a picture, but the exact thing we bought isn't online. It's a brown leather Ottoman with nesting cubes inside. It's great because we need extra seating in our living room, but again, the odd shape means we can't put a second couch or loveseat or even a recliner in there. So, the ottoman will serve as a bench and if we have more people over we can take out the cute little cubes and the top of the ottoman turns over and becomes a serving tray. Of course, bringing it home meant moving the spare bed someone donated to us out of the living room where it's propped against a wall for the past two weeks. That bed went into the office which is now both an office and a guest bedroom. The very comfortable chaise lounge someone donated to us went into our bedroom after many long debates about possible layouts. The poor dog -- broken and exhausted from running around the in laws house like a maniac -- was very dismayed that we were changing his sleeping arrangements. Today he seems to be having a good time testing them all out.

Amidst all the eating and house arranging, I managed to get some work done and have finished both of my papers. Only two finals stand between me and a month off. Speaking of... I think it is time to confront the Cal Civ Pro outline.

Monday, November 19, 2007


The husband and I just ordered our Christmas present to each other - Flor - super cool carpet tiles that can be washed in the washing machine. They are also perfect for our living room because it is a bit funky what with the 1900s wallpaper trim and oddly shaped Victorian room and all. We couldn't find a regular rug that wasn't hopelessly boring or didn't cost a semester of my law school tuition or one that would work with the odd shape. We're getting 16 tiles in a mix of the following:

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Finals. Blah. I spent the weekend trying to write a paper and am about 2/3 done with the draft. But, I feel like I should have been much more productive this weekend. I'm hoping to get this finished before Thanksgiving, work on paper #2 over Thursday and Friday, then start getting my act together for the two tests I have, one which is scaring the be-jezus out of me.

In happier news, the husband and I went out for a good meal last night where I established for sure my growing love of Brandy, this time in the form of a Sidecar. This afternoon I had fun at a book club meeting, got some online Christmas shopping done and just finished another great meal. But, I still have the finals crust and feel icky. Maybe I'll have to hit up my pumpkin ice cream stash...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I think I just had the three worse weeks of law school. But, being the freak that I am, despite the misery that was last week, the thought I had yesterday over a fantastic afternoon cocktail was - wow, I can do that?! Cool. The whole thing about law school is that each semester it can suck in multiple and new ways. But, after each challenge is a sense of strength. Okay, maybe a "drunk" and then some sleep, and then a movie and pedicure and then a sense of strength.

Today I slept in, booked a lot of friend related wedding travel (Florida and Tahoe), ordered some Flor samples, and saw Dan in Real Life . Like Knocked Up which we watched last night, was a good, sort of depressing real life comedy with a happy ending. I recommend both.

Now I am going to drink some wine and watch The Wire.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Post MPRE thought

I could have gotten 100% or 0. I really have no clue. When I started the test, I was all, wow, this is easy. I'm going to finish super early. Then it got a little more fuck me. You don't have to do super well to pass (until next year when the powers that be raise the requisite scores), but as of right now that only has me worried that I'll look like a big ding dong if I have to retake it.

Also, not sure if this is true and I am too lazy to look it up, but someone I work with told me the MPRE was born of Watergate because many people involved were lawyers violating the rules of professional conduct. Thankz, Prez.