Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Stream of consciousness

I presented my seminar paper today - one thing to check off the list. The presentation went well for the most part. The exception was the part where a classmate totally misinterpreted what I said in a question and made me sound like a total ass head. I was really rude in reply and said: no, actually that's not what I said. So don't make me yourself sound all high and mighty while making me sound like an ass head because I'll put you in check, a'ight?

Class registration is coming up. I have half a mind to take a semester void of all bar related classes. But, then my type A personality starts kicking in and random parts of my body start twitching. So, I figure that I will do 2 bar classes and 2 classes I am actually interested in - hello international criminal law.

Random commercial music issues that are annoying me:
Jamie Lidell on Target
Violent Femmes on Wendy's
Not really a commercial, but Modest Mouse *and* the Clash on American Idol??
Speaking of AI, I am about to wet my pants that Gwen *and* Akon are on. Pitter pat goes my heart.

And, speaking of music, my British friend made me 5 reggaton compliations. I've made it through #1 and can't wait to hear the rest.

Monday, March 19, 2007

This better be worth it

The financial aid office sent me a love note of sorts today.

Dear Ms. SKH: So far you have gone $72,825 in debt with 5 different types of loans over these past two years to finance your legal education. Don't forget, next year tuition for UC professional schools increases 8 - 12% and there may be a specific increase for your specific institution. XOXO.

To celebrate, I changed my blog template. I lost my links in the process. I'll fix them eventually...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


In doing research on specialized drug court, I stumbled across Tweaking Tips on

Disturbing on so many levels.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Why I may never leave San Francisco

While the weather in San Francisco can, for many, leave a lot to be desired, there are a few weeks worth of the most glorious days. The most common come during the "Indian Summer" in fall. The others come in March. And, since it is not a common occurrence, on those days San Franciscans are out revelling in the city. Today, we took a bike ride through Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach. In additoin to tons of "normal" people out for a walk or bike ride, we passed the dance routine roller wskating people (sorry, I have no idea what these people should actually be called, roller dancers? Let's just say they wear teal and purple and do dance routines on roller skates while listening to old school), the free Lindy in the Park people swing dancing outside of the De Young museum, past the heard of buffalo and to the beach. There were people flying kites, dogs playing, and lots of pasty white skin revealing itself. We had a lovely picnic at the beach, soaking it all in and getting sunburned. Then we had to ride back and that was sort of torture - four miles uphill - but it was a lovely day nonetheless. I even managed to get a chunk of my seminar paper written.

Monday, March 05, 2007

false alarm

Turns out dinner is not yet ready.

Home last night from a competition in Santa Monica. A good but exhausting trip. 3 rounds of competing, 3 celeb sitings - John Goodman at LAX, Carson from Queer Eye at 3rd St. Promenade, and Woody Harrelson (fresh from his bar brawl) also at LAX. He's hot but methinks he needs some cooked food.

We booked a trip to Belize for once this crazy semester is over. That might just be the only thing keeping me going at this point.

I have not smoked 911 cigarettes and saved roughly $227 from not smoking since NYE. I have also gained rougly 8 lbs and am breaking out like a pre teen. So, I am attempting to eat things that aren't fried and drink water instead of the caffeine IV. We'll see how that goes.

I have some substantial topic ideas in mind and maybe a future post will be funny or meaningful. We'll see how that goes.

bad blogging

I have been too lazy to switch to the Google Blogger model until tonight. I wasn't able to post without switching, so. Dinner is ready, but I will have an update, insightful I'm sure, posted soon.