Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Absurd

1. Today the husband had oral surgery. In his I'm waking up from being under state, he wanted mac 'n cheese and vienna sausages. His doctor told him to eat bland and drink ginger ale. Somehow, it seems fitting that we could purchas "the cheeziest", vienna sausages (not fit for a dog in my mind) and ginger ale at Walgreeds while waiting for the vikoden perscription to be filled.

2. My school was proposing to raise the GPA requirement for participating in certain activities and internships from 2.5 to 2.75. You, yeah, the one who is already fucked on the basis of a ridiculously harsh curve and accordingly arbitrary grades, well, now we're going to fuck you in terms of learning practical skills. PS, your tuition went up another 10% this year. This from the school that's rankings keep dropping, known for its uber - competitiveness and harshest of harsh curves. But, power to the people, a petition and lots of action stopped this from happening.

3. People who sell crack on the street keep it in their mouth. Then, someone walks up to them and asks for a "ten shot" (if they want $10 worth of crack) and the dealer spits it out.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

I am such a sucker

I'm so not kidding... Animal Planet has a three hour special calleda Puppy Bowl III where, well, puppies play in a small football field. They even have a special water dish cam -- The "Bowl Cam" where, well, they zoom in on puppy paws and faces in the water bowl. I love it so much. So much.

My biological clock is covered in fur.

How many ribs does a cow have?

We've ordered groceries online for the past two big grocery shops...

My vegetarianism has ended in stages over the past five years or so, but I still avoid pork and red meat. The husband loves both and eats what he calls "disgusting boy meat" on nights when I'm working late or out with friends. So, today he ordered three pounds of beef ribs. Only, well, they misinterpreted that somehow and now there is over fifty pounds or rouglhy the ribs of 4 cows sitting in our kitchen. At least they were on super sale for 89 cents per pound.

One pack is going from the husband to the Mr. in the couple we're throwing the engagement party for: "Congrats on getting married, keep your manhood. I'll help with 20 lbs of ribs."

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Random Updates

Parents: Weekend with parents was good. Choosing restaraunts for them is difficult. Dad will complain if it's too pricey or too "weird" which can be hard to avoid in the SF food destinations I love. He loved the Mexican place we picked ("Hot sauce wasn't hot enough, but that was the best carnitas I've ever had and the margaritas were killer"). My mom was in absolute heaven when the seafood restaurant we choose for her b-day dinner a) printed a special menu for her that said: "Happy Birthday Momma SKH." She and I both ordered sole which was boned at the table. Big, huge points from her perspective. The winner was the complimentary molten chocolate cake celebration dessert. We did do things other than eat. We bowled. Mom and I shopped. Dad and husband man bonded - which I think meant drinking whiskey and coke while watching the only sport on TV that weekend - college basketball. In my dad's one typical moment... he was sitting in the front seat with a Thai cab driver who had his name posted. It was Watson _______ (something very long and Thai and hard to pronounce). My dad said: Watson? Where'd you get that name. And I fell in love with the cab driver when he responded: What? You expect my name to be Wong? Watson was my father's name. Who're you, John Smith?

School: I'm taking Con Law 2, Family Law, and Domestic Violence (among others). There is some major overlap in the cases for those classes, which is nice. But, the subject matter is still depressing in large part (see previous post).

Other: I babysat last night. I went straight from work, so was wearing a pant suit. The little boy, age 5, touched my suit jacket and asked: Why can men only wear these and women can wear these and dresses, but men can't wear dresses? I should have said: have your mom take you to the Castro tomorrow.