Friday, May 25, 2007

Land Sick

I've been wanting to write about Belize since we got back last week. I've been not wanting to write about Belize because doing so would be sort of the last step back towards reality. Since I've finished my first week at the summer job, and am still feeling somewhat land sick, I figured it is time. But, I'm having a hard time because it was so beautiful and moving and FUN and... at the same time.

The basics: we stayed on Ambergris Caye, an island off the north coast of Belize (which is in Central America, bordered by Honduras, Mexico, and Guatemala). To get there from SF, we had to fly from SF to Houston, Houston to Belize, take a tin can air plan to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, then a cab through the city, then a boat to the resort. The entire vacation cost less than our trip to Maui or Kauai and I felt like we did more and definitely drank more. I guess the fact that we cooked quite a bit helped offset the meal costs.

Some highlights: snorkeling with rays and nurse sharks, diving for conch, having too many margaritas and thus, getting talked into zip lining, zip lining, cave tubing (this is going down a river through cave formations on an inner tube with an adult sippy cup of rum punch in hand), seeing (and hearing!) Howler monkeys, taking a renegade bike ride on the "express way" (one lane sandy path that was flanked by palm leaves and littered with coconuts. I managed to hit a coconut, spin out, skid through the sand and land in the water), drinks with names like Panty Rippa and Chi Chi Mama made with fresh fruit while listening to reggae, playing dice with honeymooners and our new friends, reading novels under the palapa by the pool, riding boats. We road so many boats, in the daytime, in the dark, stars all close and huge. I now LOVE boats.

Two things that require more space: 1) The chicken drop. In the town of San Pedro, there is a Wed night tradition. You buy a square (1 - 100). Then, well, some lucky person gets to pull a chicken out of the basket and drop it in the pen. Wherever the chicken shits = winner of the pot. 2) Dinner at Rojo Lounge. Now on my top five meals ever list. On the beach in swanky recliner style chairs. Conch pizza, a bottle of wine and sand between our toes.

The waters were an amazing turquoise. Schools of fish spent days under the deck in front of our hotel. We drank iced coffee on the deck while looking at the ocean stretching fifteen steps in front of us.

And, there were no Walmarts!

There were some bugs, and some power outages due to the government not paying the electricity bill. There were fires burning across the mainland because the soil gets hot and sap or a little waste will start a fire and it will just burn and burn. There were so many very skinny dogs. Belizians don't belive in feeding their dogs dog food. The dogs are called pot lickers becuase they are fed only by being given the pot to lick after dinner. On the way home from the chicken drop night, the last image I saw in San Pedro town, is a dog knocking over a garbage can and licking a tin can that fell out. As I was bumping along in the back of the golf cart (the only motorized transportation that can cross the bridge from town to the north) I thought - this place has made my heart grow a lot and break a little at the same time.

When can we go back?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


The husband sent this to me via e-mail with the subject line: Maybe she was in finals?

Friday, May 11, 2007

Reading List

I should have posted this sooner... I am about to go on a trip which means lots of reading for me. Currently on my reading list:

Eat, Pray, Love
Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto
The Namesake

Any other recommendations? I'll review when I get back.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Where I Get Sappy

2L - check.

Hasn't completely sunk in that it's over, but it is over. I have my third year and the bar left. After some champagne and the elation of being finished, I told the Husband it's all going fast. His look said: just Monday you were about to hyperventilate and puke and stayed up until midnight and got up at four and I am really tired of this wife in law school thing but if this is how you feel right now, well, okay then it is going by fast let me pour you a celebratory drink because I sure need one. And his look was right, as evidenced by this blog and all the moments when I can't sleep and hate law school and feel insecure and am broke. But, I've said it many times and I'm sticking to it: the lows are low and the highs make it worth it. I may not get an A in, well any class. But, I am really proud of myself, and everyone else going through this.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The bright side

Sure I am outlining for family law at 10:42 pm. But, I just saw Elliot Stabler not just shirtless, but silhouette nekked on Law and Order SVU.

Friday, May 04, 2007


The Husband saw Robin Williams drive by our house a few hours ago -- in a Mercedes mobile home. I'm sad to have missed it, but I was in the cave cramming for a final tomorrow. It is a 2 hour closed book exam. I am trying to type my short, checklist form outline entirely from memory and now can't keep domestic violence related jurisdictional provisions straight because I'm going cross eyed. So, I think I will shut down for the night. The test is at 1:30 pm tomorrow. Wish me luck my Internet people. This time tomorrow I will be coming home from our 2nd anniversary dinner, preferably very drunk.

PS - blogger spell check caught and corrected my misspelling of jurisdictional. I think that is pretty cool, which indicates my level of exhaustion. Clearly we are not far from the point in the semester where I make toilet paper outfits for the dog.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

24, law school style

8:30 am: go to records office to pick up my Con Law 2 exam. Woman tells me they don't open until 9. But, the e-mail that said 8:30 during exams. "That starts tomorrow." Instead of just giving me the exam, she tells me to come back at 9:00. Grrr.

Spent the rest of the day staring at a a blank screen, writing things, being confused, writing more things, looking things up in my huge con law book, changing my mind, eating, editing, writing more things, drinking 4 diet Dr. Peppers, etc. This went on from about 9:30 am until, 12:30 am when I started to go cross eyed and decided a nap would serve me well. Back up at 5:00 for the final edits. I'm about to go turn the beast in and then maybe eat a greasy breakfast and collapse for a few hours. I feel like I had more of a clue than I did for Con Law, but who knows...I do feel somewhat proud that I can prodce any even slightly cogent paper on constitutional law in a 24 hour time period.