Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Monday Monday

Oh -- wait, it's Tuesday. At least that means that American Idol auditions are on. I should be doing work for my moot court class, but all I can muster is blogging on the couch and making fun of people who think they have talent.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Travel Tips

As a reward for being kick-ass productive this weekend, I am drinking a glass of wine and using the amazing Destination Finder to plot some trips. Most importantly, of course, is the 2.5 years, million pages of reading, roughly 24 finals, and one ugly mother fucking bar exam away bar break trip. But late July and August are tough. We thought we'd settled on Bali...until we read all the US travel advisories against it. We generally like places that have beaches, good snorkeling/ diving, and are not too touristy (we won't be going back to Puerto Vallarta and want to avoid similar places). Thailand = monsoon season. Australia/ New Zealand = Winter. And, apparently box jellies (deadly jelly fish, thank you husband) accumulate at the Great Barrier Reef during that time. Bermuda came up a few times, but I have (probably unfair) biases against it as being an East Coast family vacation spot...

We're also trying to plan spring break for this year. Has to be on the cheap b/c we're going to Mendocino for our anniversary and Kauai for our honeymoon do-over. So basically, we're trying to pick where we want to go camping. I'm leaning towards Santa Cruz where Elephant Seals are mating (my mother today informed me that this might be awful because they are VERY LOUD). Mr. SKH is likely leaning towards Bodega so we can make use of his dad's boat if the weather's decent.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

To quote the hubster

"The theme for last semester was 'survive.' The theme for this semester is 'excel.'"

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Last semester is finally OVER

The saga of the property grade continues. Apparently it was submitted to records yesterday but had to be given back to Prof P because it didn't confirm to the curve (note, she is a tenured prof who has been grading to our school's curve for some time). Today our class rep tells us that the grades should be up soon. At some point during Civ Pro (I sit in the back) I see a student in front of me check her grade and an IM fury breaks out across the room. I refuse to check my grade in class (at this point we're about 1/2 way through the class period). But, I am getting panicy-er by the minute, almost registering a full on anxiety attack. After class I go hide in a quiet spot and check.

I'm not thrilled, but it's a solid grade that's a helluva lot better than civ pro. I officially never have to think about the class again...until I look over my exam to see why the grade wasn't thrilling. I've decided I want at least a certain level of thrilling.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Interesting Interpretations

Just got home from a lovely appetizer party at F's to celebrate CY's 25th b-day. Through a gossip chain I found out that I am categorized as part of the "over 30 married crowd" who essenitally doesn't want to have fun.

A) I am 24. B) I have a lot of fun, I just choose not to get into hottubs wearing string bikinis with section mates. C) Yes, I'm married. We are one of the most fun married couples ever. D) I could drink you under the table any day of the week. Just bring it bi-otch.

Friday, January 20, 2006

I need your help...

A while back, I posted about a childhood friend of mine who needs a liver transplant. Long story short -- he's now in a hostpital in Indiana waiting for a liver. Unfortunately, as a result of his liver problems his kidneys have now failed too. So, he's waiting in a hospital in Indiana for a liver and kidneys. It's horrible on so many levels. I feel like I am hoping for someone to die so that he can live.

Before I get all sentimental and weepy...the reason I need your help...As you can imagine, the cost of liver/ kidney transplant paired with the fact that the whole family lives in Kauai but is having to rent an apartment in Indiana is HUGE. I really want to have some kind of fun fundraiser to help raise money for them. I have good ideas -- IE, have a party with cheap beer and cheap (but tasty) food and charge a lot of money for a great time (that's the more lowbrow of the ideas, but whatever). The challenge is this -- my apartment is very tiny and due to crazy neighbor, the backyard is out of the question. Any ideas on something the husband and I could do that would be fun to raise money??

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Defending the Dogs...

Prof. Moot Court looks like Dustin Hoffman and engaged the class more in 15 minutes than prof LWR did all of last semester. I predict a shit-ton of work but a good experience. Interestingly, I'm defending the owners of the dogs in the infamous San Francisco dog mauling case. Interesting because I want to be a prosecutor, but have also spent lots of time with pitbulls and other "bully breeds" at the SPCA. We'll see how I feel after I read the ginormous record of the case and the opinion from the court below.

I really need to log off - wish my luck on the interview tomorrow. I will be happy if I make it there in one piece (damn 1.5 hour drive) and don't make a complete ass out of myself. I am sadly excited to wear my suit.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Back in full swing

Why am I stressed about an interview for a summer job that is less than ideal? Yes, it is a DA's office. BUT, it is a 1.5 hour commute each way and unpaid. At least it is part time. I suppose I could sling coffee on the alternate days to pay for my gas.

Still no property grade. For the love of GOD, can you just do your job Prof. Prop??? Countdown: currently 9 days past the deadline.

And, in keeping with the resolutions...I am trying to be more positive. Aside from new prof. Civ Pro (so smart but oh such a snooze!), I really like my profs. And, I am even going to refrain from blogging about a certain section mate (who is a perfectly nice guy) who argued in one class that plants have absolute rights, but that 3 men lost at sea who kill and eat a boy should not be punished. What about the boy's rights?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Over the weekend I ate at two new to me spots.

The first was Butterfly. My brother in law and his girlfriend were in town for the evening. It's always hard to pick a restaurant when they come to visit. They only ethnic food they like is Italian. They don't eat vegetables. We thought Butterfly would work since they had steak and ribs on the menu -- good call. I was a little dissapointed that the 2 fish dishes on the menu somehow involved sausage. I was vegetarian for over 10 years, still don't eat pork or red meat, and definitely stay away from sausage. (I now identify as a picky-terian.) Somehow, I decided quail would be a good idea. And it actually was. The view at the place was great. The cocktail and wine lists impressive. A good place to show off San Francisco.

Last night 3 friends from school and I met at Rigolo Cafe. Reasonably priced and fun. And, the menu had a number (or two) by each item indicating the wine it best paired with. Pairing by number? Thank you! I didn't love my shrimp salad, but the smoked salmon pizza I stole from F was great.

Now I'm waiting for class to start. Ugh.

Friday, January 13, 2006


Moot court classes were posted today. On the bright side (see, I really am trying to be positive), it is the topic I wanted...the appeal for the San Francisco dog mauling case. But, there were 2 teachers I wanted (both practicing district attorneys) and I got someone else. Probably a great person, but I'm dissapointed nonetheless. I am even more dissapointed because a group of friends all got into another class which is on Tuesday, which is in my mind better than having a late class on a Thursday night.

Another positive note -- my environmental law class will have 2 projects. Those combined with participation will comprise 30% of our grade. Hurrah for a class where the final is not everything.

Still no f-ing property grade. This means that it won't be posted until Tuesday with the long weekend and all. Grrr. I keep humming Bright Eyes "First day of my life," but, being negative about getting the property grade and singing "This is the worst grade of my life/ Swear I was shot right in the final."

(Sidenote: no idea why I go back and forth between actually cussing on this blog and using dumb little substitutes. I should just consistently cuss, it would be more representative of how I speak in real life.)

K, gotta run brother in law just got here.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

"Such a tasty case"

I think I will love Prof. Crim. While his class will be "more theoretical and philosophical, I think it will be interesting enough not to annoy me. He described our first case as tasty. And, he had a bunch of students act out a criminal case. Prof K also incorporated theater into his repertoire today, which was funny He labeled it a "new pedagogical method." He also wrote on the board excerpts from the worst evaluations he received. I really couldn't believe some of them, especially the ones that accused him of being creepy and a racist.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


< whine > I don't wanna go back. I don't wanna. < / whine >

Generally at this time of day, given my break life of leisure, I am thinking about what kind of wine to pour and watching an episode of Law and Order (normal or SVU). I have made sure the house is pretty clean by the time the husband walks in the door. Technically, I am blogging now, but mere moments ago I had assumed the position where I spent 85% of my time last year and acquired law school ass: on the couch swaddled in a blanket, steaming mug of tea and a few extra highlighters on the couch's arm, casebook and dog's head in lap. I almost caved and smoked. But, if I can't handle the day before the semester starts without the habit, I am really screwed.


Prof. property should bump each of us up a third for not submitting our grades on time. Two days late and counting. I really want some time for all the grades to digest before I jump off the spring semester cliff.


I love Kinkos -- I didn't realize how cheap it would be to break the spines on my books and hole punch. A mere $8? Why didn't I do this last semester?

Okay...time to take the dog out and get through contracts reading so that I can enjoy dinner with the husband.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Must not talk about grades...

...this blog is too thinly veiled for me to feel comfortable talking about grades in detail. But, remember that suspicion I had about fucking Civ Pro? Well, I was right. At least it is only a midterm grade and I will, hopefully, make it up next semester. And, the other ones aren't as bad. And, I am still waiting on Property.

A friend passed this along:


I haven't played around much. But, you can enter a band you like and it will spit out around 100 bands that you should also like. For example, I entered Broken Social Scene and it came back with everything from the Arcade Fire to Outkast. Fun, fun.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Subarus and Umbrellas

Portland was wonderful. It was great to see K and K, and the city itself is..."great" "wonderful" "artsy" and "rainy." I wish I had better adjectives for it. I love San Francisco, but am slightly jealous that an amazing 3 story, 5 bedroom house in the hip South East neighb. is, well, affordable. There are actually matinees until 6pm. So, we saw 2 movies for less than $7 each. Munich was an informative, well orchestrated movie to which I, unfortunately, never had an emotional connection despite the attempts to make it a very personal story. Brokeback Mountain was, as everyone says, beautiful and heartbreaking and one of the absolute best movies I have ever seen.

More on Portland...Everyone I met was creative and actually doing something creative, consistently. However, I did not see a single person of color until we visited a neighborhood in the north -- Alberta I think?? Also, I read somewhere while I was there that it is the 8th worst American city to live if you are black.

Now I am trying to check my grades -- apparently civ pro was posted recently -- but stoopid freaking Web Advisor is NOT working properly. This is when I *really* miss being a regular smoker.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Some more good fortune

An old friend's husband works for the attorney in charge of hiring summer interns at one of the offices I'm applying to. I had no idea until he called me yesterday. It doesn't at all guarantee me a job, or even an interview. BUT, it does guarantee that the attorney will actually see my application materials. Hooray!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Good news

I have my first interview on January 20th. This is a VGT (very good thing).

Monday, January 02, 2006

Good new music, or how retail therapy is making me feel better and better

Just returned from Amoeba. Thanks to a generous gift certificate from the Husband, I have all sorts of good stuff to listen to while trying to get the apartment cleaned and organized. And, I can listen to them in my new car while running errands to Target and to the mall to spend other gift certificates. Yay for consumerism!

Currently playing: Stars - Set Yourself on Fire. Loving it. Thanks to C and K for the recommendations

Other purchases:

Sigur Ros - Takk
Broken Social Scene
Feist - Let it Die
Death Cab for Cutie - Plans
Jamie Lidell - Multiply

I was a little dissapointed that they didn't have 3 of the CDs I wanted -- the Postal Service which is older, but I never owned it myself and really love it. They were out of The Blow. And, they were out of Jose Gonzales, which was described by a friend like this: "It's like your ears flip over and over thanking you while you listen."

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Spending time with the in laws was great. Unfortunately, the drive home -- usually taking 1.5 - 2 hours -- lasted for EIGHT hours. Why? Because part of the freeway flooded and closed. At one point it took us an hour to go .1 mile. At least at that point we were at a dead enough stop for me to grab a sheet, wrap it around myself for cover and pee in a ditch on the side of the freeway. And, fortunately, we were not driving our old volvo because we bought a car while in good old Sacto. Yup, we are the proud parents of a 2003 Ford Escape.

While in Sacto, I also managed to find a suit that I love for all the interviews I don't have. I am especially convinced I won't have any given a letter from one of the DA's offices I applied to. First of all, I called this office to inquire about their 1L hiring practices maybe 3 weeks ago. They told me to submit a resume and cover letter, etc. Fine. The form letter went something like "overwhelmed by interest in our office blah blah...we only hire 2Ls." Seriously, what the fuck? Obviously they knew that when I called. UGH. If they told me that in the first place I could have saved my fancy resume paper, the stamp, and some space on my little spreadsheet.

As for resolutions...I have not smoked a cigarette today.