Friday, September 29, 2006

If Music is the Soundtrack to Our Life, I'm in Trouble

I'm drinking wine and thinking about the transition from college student to law student to... whatever comes next. In undergrad I wrote essays about pop culture, read existential philosophers, spent a lot of time thinking about the kind of human being I wanted to be. So many songs connect me to such specific moments from that time. When I thought about transferring from my San Francisco college to my home town school because my comfort zone vanished, Jimmy Eat World's "Lucky Denver Mint" played from my headphones while I walked down from a high-on-the-hill beautiful building. I saw the city at dusk, its most beautiful time, and knew I would stay. Maybe forever. When the local cafe played The Black Heart Procession, I feld I had insider status. Yo La Tengo's "Autumn Sweater" calmed my insecurities in my first apartment. Whenever I hear the Get Up Kids, I think of a show at Bottom of the Hill where we met the band and took Muni home. The entire bus erupted in Guns 'N Roses "Patience." Every single time I went to a specific bar, I had a precise playlist: David Bowie - "Golden Years." Rolling Stones - "Beast of Burden." The Clash: "Lost in the Supermarket." Elvis Costello, Eliot Smith, and Nick Drake shared my sorrows. A camping trip in Klamath with the now husband will means Wilco plays.

There is a wedding soundtrack. In fact, it was copied by my best friend from elementary school who recently got married. She played Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" at the beginning of her reception just like we did. Perfect.

The 1L soundtrack is something I can't listen to anymore. I gauge my depression by the amount of times I reach for Damien Rice -- uncountable during 1L. My summer job has a soundtrack too. Lots of Kanye West and a little Daniel Powter and, well, some Christina Aguilera for fist pumping while driving home after a good day.

This year...I feel old. Husband used to be director of our college radio station. They used to make fun of people who got stuck in their genres. We're there. Every time I turn on my iPod or scan the radio on my drive, I am searching for a song to articulate what I feel and I am having no luck. I did uncover an amazing Postal Service cover of Phil Collins' "Against All Odds." It is hinting at something, but I need more...

Hopefully next time I'll do better

Walking to my car today with a co-intern, I saw a stray dog on the opposite side of the road. My initial reaction was to put the pooch in my car. But, I couldn't figure out what I would do after that. Bringing her (I think it was a she because she was squatting female style to do her business)home to my tiny apartment seemed like a bad idea. And, since I don't have a crate in my car, I was a little worried about dragging in fleas. But, this all seemed like bad justification for not doing anything. Co-intern called Animal Control to let them know and they said they'd send a patrol, but when I drove back by I didn't see her again. Even if animal control picked her up, who knows what would happen. She'd be in the pound and potentially put down. I really feel like I should have picked her up myself and tried to get her to a rescue organization. So, Ms. 7th street, I'm sorry.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


So, obviously I was sick. Pretty icky sick for the whole week which made screening interviews extra fun. I started feeling marginally better on Friday and now I'm 100% physically but have been mopey about future job prospects.

In other non-excitement...I spent all weekend in sweats catching up on work I didn't do last week. Thankfully, husband cleaned the house and the dog.

I'm currently obsessed with Cheapass Games. Planning on getting some for a game night Christmas basket for my brother in law and his girlfried. We have a few. They're hilarious and, well, cheap.

On the agenda for tonight - a date with a glass of wine and the Restoration Hardware catelog. Can anyone tell me why the wrap it in a huge box with a bow such that one has to pick it up at the post office?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

All together now

I'm not sick, I'm not sick, I'm not sick. I can ace the interview and do downward facing dog without dripping snot all over the place.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Last night was the first event in a sort of reunion weekend with college friends. It was the girls night portion. Friends from out of town came, 2 who have lived out of the country for some time. Fun times. We were very large, annoying group of sappy girls drinking LOTS of wine at dinner. We went to a bar, we had an honest to goodness slumber party.

Tonight is a big birthdy bash for 3 of my friends who share the same b-day. But, I'm not going. I volunteer for an organization that is having a huge fundraising event tonight. I'm going to the latter.

And, because I am so completely bad at saying no, I was assigned a pretty big project for work that's due at 10 am tomorrow. If I would have just said no I would be lounging on the floor of my friend's apartment reading Vogue.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I need to sleep, but first

In what I thought was overall a good interview today, there was this gem:

"So, you did high school mock trial with ____ as your advisor?"
"Yes and that's when I fell in love with wanting to be a DA, blah blah."
"So, why didn't you go to law school right after undergrad?"
"After college, I needed some time to be absolutely sure that being a DA was right for me...
get cut off
"So, you just hung out working at Starbucks for a while?"


"No, actually, I worked at Starbucks while in high school and throughout college. After graduating, I was an associate editor for a nonprofit Web site while taking the LSAT and getting my husband through graduate school." Smile.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


So yeah, really busy. Interview tomorrow, home late from trial team practice every night, lots of work to get behind on. Lots of things going on this weekend.

Watching House - interested to see how they play out the alien theme.

And that is how exciting my life is right now.

Friday, September 08, 2006

OCI prep and a question

I have 4 interviews over a two week time period. I applied to all of the jobs I was interested and luckily got interviews with them all. Mine is a pretty chill OCI schedule compared to my friends who want to work for firms and are subjecting themselves to quadruple plus interviews. They will, however, be rewarded with a salary to speak of.

A list of things I need to do:

Hair - cut it short again, or just trim the madness? Test out products and actually try this blow drying thing.
Pedicure (closed toed shoes, but will make me feel better)
Manicure (last time I got one was my wedding)
Eyebrows - to wax or pluck? Or, maybe a weedwacker is in order.

Oh, and print my resume and references and think about what I'm actually going to say.

A question for you all: should I wear my engagement and wedding rings? I'm pretty sure I'm going to wear my wedding band. I don't want to work anywhere that doesn't want to hire a married woman. But, a friend made a good point about her e-ring. She said she just didn't want any judgment about it one way or another. In her opinion, it's not as important to a male interviewer, but a female interviewer will notice it and perhaps make some sort of judgment as to its size/ style/ etc. Thoughts?

Monday, September 04, 2006


So, I just randomly saw OCI interviews scheduled on my school's career sight. Had a question about the one interview I didn't get and e-mailed the OCI coordinator. Apparently, the schedule is not final and I wasn't supposed to see it. But, as long as they don't take interviews away, I should be okay. Well, until I trip on the floor, open my mouth and say something really stoopid in an interview. Then, well, I'm totally screwed.

The fact that I get to wear this beauty (bought by the FABULOUS SKH HUSBAND) soon makes me feel better:

Since it's a semi-formal event, I'm not wearing the black sweater, but the matching top:

But, the black sweater idea (plus my super patent red flats) for a night out really convinced me that it was a practical purchase. HA!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Snakes on a

Just saw it. Brilliant. Want to see it again one thousand times.

Two mildly unsettling features (spoiler kind of): movie opens with the death of a prosecutor. And, the couple honeymooning in Hawaii.