Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Heavy Lifting

I've started listening to the PMBR contracts lecture in my car. Today I picked up my BarBri books. I'm sort of staring at the boxes while I'm checking in with my Internet life. I am intensely craving a cocktail.

Update: I unpacked the boxes. I just poured a very full glass of wine.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


"The Committee of Bar Examiners is pleased to advise you that you have been found to possess the good moral character required for certification to practice law in California."

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It begins...

I spent the morning finishing my capital punishment final and working on a final project for negotiations. The afternoon found me briefly falling into a depression because there is so very little time left of school which means the bar looms. So I spent the majority of my corporations class trying to finalize my bar study plans. It is already a given that I am going to do Bar/Bri. Aside from that, I have major problems with being indecisive. Should I do PMBR? What about a program my friend recommended, The Bar Code? How the hell am I ever going to decide what to do, much less DO IT??? What am I going to do to work out? Will that give me enough time to get to Bar/Bri and find parking? How acceptable is it to go to Bar/Bri stinky? To top it all off, I have post vacation blahs and pounds to deal with. What I have decided so far is that I am not doing the 6 day PMBR, but have all the materials friends have generously passed down. I may do a program through The Bar Code that provides feedback on Bar/Bri essays. I may also do an essay writing workshop through them, but that is to be decided. AND, I decided that I will make all of my decisions by the end of this weekend. I keep saying... I can decide later. But, I don't think that a freak ot in the middle of studying is the time to be making any decisions.

In other news, my dog now has a prescription for Xanax. The good news is that he is perfectly physically healthy. And, the prescription is only to be used for stressful events, such as being boarded or going on a long car ride. Meaning, he doesn't need daily anxiety meds. AND, his saintly dog walker said that she will take him the night of my graduation party while he's on his meds to see how it goes.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


... Don't go see the movie Smart People. Despite a great cast and a great trailer, it was NOT great. After going to see that in the theater, we ate and then went back to our hotel room and ordered P.S. I Love You. While my companions were less than enthused, I actually kind of liked that one.


We just got home from one of my BFF's destination weddings on Captiva Island, Florida. We were there for a week, staying at an amazing house where the wedding and reception were held. It was sunny and beautiful, but we were pretty busy getting ready so there wasn't a ton of enjoy the sun time.

I was also somewhat of a wreck because the pooch was having a really rough time. He always stays at the home of his dog walker. We usually return to funny pictures and cute stories about how he and the walker's dog played themselves silly and slept together in the human guest bed.

This time, our dog went ferrel. He hid under a car for hours, chewed furniture, stayed up all night whining, peed on things (including other dogs at the park!!), and even nipped at the feet of the walker's husband. They got through the week by (after asking the vet and us) giving him benadryl.

Understanding the impact this had on me requires a bit of background - this pooch is tough. He is loving and sweet, and sort of crazy. He's a rescued mix of two very active breeds - boxer and australian shephard. When we adopted him I took him to work as my office policy allowed. Until his cute antics became major annoyances. We put him in day care then finally interviewed walkers. The first told me I had to have him in intensive doggy therapy and training. Then the current walker came into our life and we felt so confident having her take him out during the day and overnight when we went out of town.

After this trying week, she said that she loves the pooch and will gladly still walk him but that she'll have a hard time convincing her husband to let him come back.

Because I was already exhausted, spent last night in a VERY depressing airport hotel in Fort Myers, spent all day flying on Southwest across country and then an hour at 4 different computers in the computer lab trying to print a stupid paper I wrote at the airport, I momentarily lost my shit.

But, my in laws offered to take care of the pooch on our 2 upcoming trips and we're going to take him to the vet. Some preliminary research indicates he may have a UTI, he may have a tumor, or he may have some behavioral issues that require a behaviorist or ... puppy prozac. A long time ago, I would have bristled at the thought of putting my dog on prozac. But all I want is for him to feel better.

Monday, April 07, 2008


* I hate writing personal statements. I was nominated to apply for a scholarship and just finished writing one. Every sentence took a long, painful time.

* I have 2 papers, 2 tests, and one project standing between me and graduation.

* I have 1 paper standing between me and a trip to Florida!

* Confession: I'm going fake tanning to get ready for above trip.

* My insomnia came to visit last night. I was awake for about an hour and a half thinking about what I was going to do about food for breakfast and lunch during the bar. Which, by the way, isn't for another 4 months.