Monday, June 30, 2008

Study aid

A friend of mine just finished taking a rather grueling exam and told me that sugar free red bull really helped him study. He didn't drink one every day, but maybe 2x a week when he needed to get a lot done or wanted some extra help focusing. A friend from law school used to drink one before finals. I am going to the corner store to test it out. At this point, I need all the help I can get.

Update Well, the red bull did help me focus. But, it also made me feel shaky and a little numb in my limbs. So, I think I may be sticking with good old espresso.

Update 2 I feel utterly defeated and freaked out. I was in a friend's wedding this past weekend which meant missing about 3 days of Barbri/ normal study time. While I did manage to make a set of evidence flashcards while on the road and there, I am seriously behind where I want to be. Today I also realized that our crim pro lecturer was not very clear or helpful and that I need to basically recreate the structure of my crim pro outline. And, since we are learning 3 new subjects this week, the only three I did not take in law school, I am not feeling confident in my ability to catch up. I sort of panicked and cried on the husband's lap. I managed to make a schedule for the week that has me caught up by Friday, but it seems overly ambitious. BLECH.

Monday, June 23, 2008

MB fuck mE

We had a practice MBE today. It was pretty fun. Scoring it was even more fun. But, I recently found the goal ranges in the back of one of the multiple choice practice books and am comforted that scoring 65% isn't quite as terrible as it sounds.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Heat Wave

My mom laughed at me when I told her the temperatures were in the 90s in San Francisco. I know, I know, it's 107 in So Cal right now. However, there is no air conditioning in San Francisco. So, when it's hot, there's no escaping it. Especially if you have to be inside studying.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

More boring stuff about the bar

I got sick last week. We had contracts lectures M-W and luckily I was healthy for those because well, contracts is a bitch and our lecturer was great. Thursday I woke up feeling pretty terrible but managed to make it through the criminal law lecture which seemed sort of on the useless side. By Friday I was a snotting mess and cut out of the crim pro lecture (same guy, also useless for this subject) early. I managed to sleep and drug my way out of most of it but still have a bit of lingering stuffiness. Not fun, but glad to get it out of the way now.

I took an essay writing workshop today that is not part of barbri but another company and found it to be pretty helpful. Of course, you start hearing advice that contradicts what other people have said. I guess that's really true of all of law school. The trick is implementing what works for you and QUICKLY.

For those of you who remember Saved by the Bell, I constantly feel like Jessie Spano There's NEVER ENOUGH TIME.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


So what I didn't realize when I posted that Zen moment is that the bar was still taking it's toll on me. I swear, it wasn't the drinks that made this happen... I received a gift from the friends we met for drinks and managed to leave it in a cab. Only, that wouldn't be so bad if it was an actual cab and there was a cab company I could call to get it back. No, no, too easy. We were in a janky limo. I don't even know if it was properly licensed or if it's associated with any particular company.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Blowing off steam

one mojito +

one sidecar +

one glass of wine

out with friends who told me stories about my dad at the graduation party I wish I hadn't heard+

Indian delivery at home with the husband =

I think I forgot about the bar exam for at least a total hour.