Friday, January 25, 2008


So, one of my sort of resolutions this year was to start greening our house. I started with laundry detergent. We are pretty partial to original Tide, which smells great and can often be found for a great price. I've been busy, so, my first 2 Tide alternatives are available at Safeway, where we currently get most of our groceries.

First, we tried Planet Liquid Laundry Detergent. Great results, biodegradable, phosphate free, non - toxic, and not tested on animals. I don't remember how many loads it did, but it was $9.99 compared to the same size tide at about half the price.

The next experiment in laundry detergent, and what we're currently using, is Method, HE compatible, super concentrated laundry detergent . I love the high concentration because I know that powder is much grenner than liquid (aka, shipping water). But, I have a hard time using powder without adverse affects on my blacks. What is selling for $8 online or slightly more at Safeway is enough for 32 loads, much more than my usual Tide or even Planet. And, the Sweet Water smells fantastic. The one downside is the design. The cap is really difficult to deal with, locking at times and hard to secure at others. This one isn't fragrance/ color free (Planet is).

I think my next move will be trying powder again... we'll see how that goes.

I also tried to procure a greener detergent for the dish washer. The Safeway I went to didn't have any environmentally friendly brands (online, they have the Planet brand powder.) So, I decided to at least make the switch from liquid to powder. I decided on the Safeway brand tablets. I felt really proud of myself until I got them home and realized ther were INIDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED in PLASTIC! So, a big F for me on that one. I will be trying the Planet or Method, non tablet-ized powder next.

Another step that I took after being inspired by A -- I signed up for organic produce deliver from Capay Organic. (Thanks A - this was originally labelled as the name of the airline we're hopefully flying to Thailand.)

Please post any suggestions you have on going green!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm thinking...

... about a post bar trip. Hopefully Thailand. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, then Koh Samui.

... that I want to sign up for the next session of boot camp. I have been really tired and my body is doing weird things. Like needing naps and hurting a lot. But tonight when the husband was cooking and the smoke alarm went off and I had to waft a towel under it for a while, as I often do, my arms didn't get tired. At all. I was like, hey, I could do this with one hand while doing one leg squats and holding a 5 lb weight in the other. I shouldn't spend the money, but I can't imagine that I would be doing sprints and lunges in the rain on my own, you know?

... I have about five articles of clothing that fit well and I actually like. But, I have about a zillion dollars that I have to spend on attire for various weddings and related bachellorette activities. So, even if I sign up for more boot camp and have those high and tight glutes, they may not look so hot in my old ratty jeans.

... I actually sort of like law school this semester. It is amazing how decent it can be when you're not working too.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dare I say it?

I think it is time for me to go back to school. Last winter break, I was working so this is the first time I've had a whole month off in... a really long time. It was great - I got to do a lot of fun running around for the holidays, our house has been generally cleaner and happier, I read six novels, visited a friend in Portland, spent a lot of time with other friends and the dog, spent three days in a feverish haze. But well, today I ran one errand on my master "list of things to get done on the break" and made one phone call on the same list.

By the way - tracking down jobs I've had since age 18 for the moral character application? A total pain in the ass. I've always had multiple jobs at a time and well, that shop where I sold clothes and put together skateboards? They don't keep such great records.

Anyway, for the rest of the day, I fucked around on the internet and watched four episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County. I also got incredibly angry at our neighbor over laundry and had to talk myself out of having a drink at 4:00. In my defense, every part of my body from my neck to my knees hurt from bootcamp. But still, I think I need to get back to being busy and having a schedule.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Ringing in the New Year

2007 in review: the husband got a promotion, we took an amazing trip to Belize, I made progress in the school and job fronts, we moved into an awesome new apartment that feels like home, I quit smoking and said goodbye to an extra 20 pounds or so.

It only makes sense that following such a pleasant year (okay, I am skipping over the self imposed where should I work and live and will I ever be happy anguish and loosing hair and sleep stress from the fall) I am starting this one by torturing myself. Despite STORM WATCH 2008, I am starting an outdoor fitness bootcamp next week. For reals. I haven't worked out regularly since, oh, maybe five years ago. But what better time than in the pooring rain and wind knocking trees and power lines to the ground?

2008 in preview: I don't die when trying to workout during January, but in fact become stronger, develop a love of running stairs and lifting weights and am not afraid to wear a bikini around my friends during trip to Florida in April for a BFF's wedding. I commit to my yoga practice. A fabulous meal at Gary Danko to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. I graduate law school and the celebrations are in fact fun and not family drama filled. I don't die of stress, anxiety, or boredeom when studying for/ taking the bar. Or kill the husband. We celebrate another friend's wedding. We take a fabulous post bar trip - hopefully to Thailand. I start and love, or at least like, my new job and it pays enough so that there is actually something left after student loans, rent, and gas are due. We celebrate two more weddings. I take my grandma to wine country so she can embarass me by asking V. Sattui if they make white Zinfandel. Along the way, I read novels and see friends, and go to movies, and spend more quality time with the husband and the dog. Here's to hoping for a fabulous 2008.